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Week 10 – 11/8, Week 11 – Exam#2

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Hello 1165!

Hope you enjoyed our continued foray into television history and current industry practices.

For next class:

**New rule in class from here on: NO more computers during class.**

We will finish South Park’s Cash for Gold episode and discuss Unproductive Seasons 1 & 2. Please be prepared to discuss.

Please read the Internet chapter in Rodman’s book.

The Blog Assignment due before 12pm, as always.

We will be discussing Government Surveillance and… the Internet. You know, light stuff!

Watch these two videos (both 30 mins each)

John Oliver’s 2015 piece:

VICE (2016):

What to Write About:

Did you know who Edward Snowden was/is? Were you one of the people in the Man on the Street video from John Oliver’s piece?

What are your thoughts on what he did? Explain why.

John Oliver discusses several points about people not caring about surveillance, do you agree or disagree?

Should the government be allowed to have this much power to spy on people around the world, and in turn in the US?

What are your thoughts on gov’t surveillance?

How do you feel right now about all this????

Edward Snowden has been called a hero and a traitor – where do you come out on it?

Any thoughts/ideas you want to add.

Word Count: 500-1000


Wednesday, November 15th 

Exam #2 is a one hour in-class exam. Please bring (and use) a #2 pencil.

The exam begins promptly at 12:50pm.

There will be multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. That’s the new ripple.

Chapters: 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Film, Recordings, Radio, TV, and Internet.

Here are some things that probably will be on the exam: This is not all. I was just being nice.

Terms to Know:




Persistence of Vision

Oligopoly and apply to the media

Difference between hardware & software

Web 2.0

Cloud Computing


People To Know & Their Inventions – Know what connected them…

Newton Minnow


Tim Berners-Lee

Philo Farnsworth

David Sarnoff

Thomas Edison – played a role in film, radio but how?


William Paley


George Eastman

DW Griffith

Lee DeForest

Edward Muybridge


Things & Dates to Know:

The World’s Fair introduced what?

Lines of resolutions for TV

When did the electronic era begin and all that comes with it – advantages/disadvantages

The Golden Age of TV, Film & Radio – don’t forget cable and violence!

How Did People Get Their Info BEFORE TV & Radio

Digital Technology in Film – special effects, etc.

The Phases of Film Production & the job descriptions/job titles in film

TV/Film/Radio fights for survival against which medium or media

Everything & anything about Satellites – I LOVE THEM!

Who controls the internet?

Years for the Internet: 1969, 1979, 1989, 1993 & 2006 – all in text!


FAMOUS Things To Know:

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 & The Communication Decency Act of 96

VCR & its cultural effects

The Radio Acts – years, provisions, shortcomings, etc.

War of the Worlds & Orson Welles – KNOW EVERYTHING!!

Birth of a Nation


Fireside Chats

The Jazz Singer

60 Minutes

What Happened to the Radio during WWI? TV WW2?

How did the Internet first come about? Details!


I will be sending out the following week 12’s blog post soon after.

Have a great week!


Professor Dunphy


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