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Week 13 November 29th

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Hey 1165,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Two classes left!

Any and all extra credits are due before 12pm on your blog by this class meeting.

I did not return the tests because the grades were ugly and upsetting. I’ll have a decision about them by Wednesday.

For Wednesday’s class:

Read the Advertising and Public Relations chapters in Rodman’s book.

We have a guest speaker coming in – if you are late, you will not be allowed in the classroom. Make sure you are on time as in not late. NO exceptions.

The speaker will be discussing advertising, memes, branding, and is by far the coolest person I know.

Thinking about it – I may give a quiz on one of these chapters after the guest speaker.

No blog post due for Wednesday. I will be sending out the final blog assignment shortly.

Oh and last, here’s that Net Neutrality info again:

Under proceedings write 17-108 it’s in relation to the “restore internet freedom” proceedings going on dec 14 the hearing about possibly getting rid of net neutrality make a complaint to the FCC tell everyone you know to complain
Call all your congress people who will be back from thanksgiving vacation on Monday 202-224-3121
See you Wednesday.
Professor Dunphy

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