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1165 Blog Assignments

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Hello 1165,

I will see you tomorrow at 1:00pm for your final exam. Hopefully, you’ve been studying and are prepared.

I finished all the blogs and everyone (unless I missed you?) should have received comments via email or on the blog itself.

Your TA will be sending you an email with your blog score and all the information you need to know.

As I always do with this assignment, at the bottom of this post are a bunch of blogs that were well done and worthy of showing off. While FAR from perfect, please look at them BEFORE you question your grade.

You will easily see why you received what you did after reading them. Just because you’re not on this list doesn’t mean you didn’t do well… I can’t put up every single one.

If you have an issue with your blog grade, email me but please be cautious on questioning the grade and have your argument on solid ground.

Thank you and have a good day.

Professor Dunphy

Solid Blogs:




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