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Last Blog Post for F17

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Hello 1165,

This is the last post for your Fall 2017 class.

I sent in the grades last night, was generous (as always) but I took into account all I could to get you the best grade possible. Some were easy, others were not. Some students recovered in the final exam and blog grade that they’re grade shot up. Others did poorly throughout.

I am not sure when you’re able to see the grades but I sent them in. Please be patient.

Rodwell has your exam grade if you want it — email him for it.

All he has is the number based on a multiple of 4… so if you got a 20, that means you received an 80 on the exam. Oh, and that includes me giving you hints plus a decent curve. Though once again, some of you still got in the 20s and 30s….

If you believe you received the final grade in error, email me. I won’t respond till after the new year but you can always ask. However, as I have said before, I am usually pretty forgiving and nice… but when challenged, not as much.

Last but not least — you’re more than welcomed to stay subscribed to this blog and get some good info in the spring 2018 semester. If you do not want to belong anymore, you have to unsubscribe yourself. I believe it is at the bottom of the page.

That’s about it!

Was a pleasure, good luck with the spring and beyond… and enjoy the holiday break!


Professor Dunphy


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