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1165 S18 – 2/8 Class & Blog Work

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Hello Again,

I hope you enjoyed class 1, only 13 more to go! You should have received an email from your TA, if not first check your spam, other email addresses, etc. If for some reason you still haven’t – email me at profdunphy@gmail.com

For the classwork:

Please have Rodman’s book – chapters 1 and 2 read and ready to be discussed.

For your first blog assignment:

This goes on your newly created wordpress blog.

Due by Thursday’s class before 3:30pm. 

Read this article by Peter Beinart, it ain’t short:


This one by Andrew Sullivan:


Watch this video:

Using the above articles and above video, answer all the following questions:

Do you agree/disagree with what these men are saying? Why or why not.

Do any of them make an argument you didn’t think about beforehand?

What is your stance on marches and rallies? Should hate groups such as the KKK (and others) be allowed to march?

In Beinart’s article, he discusses the violent left, what do you think about the piece? Does Beinart make a solid comparison or a false equivalency? Is the violent left the same as the right? Is he helping or hurting the left or the right? Use samples from his work to help you along.

In Sullivan’s article, he takes a different approach to the march in Boston, do you understand his POV, do you agree? Why or why not.

What did you think of Bill Maher’s interview with Frank Bruni? Anything stand out to you?

Also, consider doing some research on the three men, see what their backgrounds are, history, etc. May help you along.

Anything you want to add? Go for it!

Word Count: Minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1000 words. Of course, you can go further but don’t burn yourself out.

We will discuss this during class 2.

Remember this is posted to your blog BEFORE 3:30pm on Thursday.


Professor Dunphy


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