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Spring 18 – Class 3 – 2/15

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Hello 1165,

Two classes down! Only 12 more to go! Hope you’re enjoying the work…

Few things before the weekly post:

Last time but if you have not heard from your TA, check your other emails/spam, etc. If still nothing, contact me ASAP.

Remember, all posts are due before 3:30pm Thursday.

Your TAs have a few weeks to respond to your blogs – be patient and keep working.

For those who were late, please make it on time as you miss quite a bit in the beginning of class.

Readings for Class 3:

Rodman’s Chapters 3 & 4. We will finish chapter 2 as well.

First exam is coming up — it will be on chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 50 questions… true and false, multiple choice. #2 pencil is required. All the work is from Rodman’s book.

2nd Blog Assignment:

Please read all of the assignment below…

Read the following article and watch the video/article



What to Write About?

What are your thoughts on banned books? Do you believe books should be banned in elementary, JHS, High School or college?

Have you read any of these books? Thinking back – do you understand why they were challenged?

There are some obvious question here — should a book with offensive language or racial slurs be read in school? Who should get to decide what books are allowed/banned?

Look at the challenge by reason chart – what do you think? Are these valid?

Why do you think parents want books banned? Can you put yourself in a parent’s shoes and understand why they would want to ban books?

What are your thoughts on censorship?

Don’t just limit your blog to the questions above, explore the work. Don’t just agree, say yes or no… give me the WHY.

Now watch this video: Fair warning about language, and possible offensive material.

No prompts here just go with what you want.

Total Word Count: 750-1000 words

Have a great rest of your week.

Professor Dunphy


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