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1165 Spring 18 – Class 4 & Class 5-Exam

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Hi 1165,

This is the work for class 4 and the information for class 5’s exam at the bottom.

Class 4:

Readings: Rodman’s Newspapers and Magazines.

The Blog Assignment:

Blog Post due by 3:30pm Thursday

Today’s World, Post-Truth, Fake News, and the Current Media Environment

Here is the link for the video we started in class. Please finish it.

Read the following two long form magazine articles and the newspaper article:


*Yes, I love The Atlantic*



Answer the following questions:

— What is fake news? If you don’t know, go look it up.

– What is your immediate reaction to these articles? What stood out to you?

– Do you agree/disagree with “America losing its mind?”

– Do you think the term “fake news” is accurate? Why or why not. What word would you use in its place?

– Should Facebook or other sites be held to a journalistic standard? What standard do you think that should be? Should people be held to a standard?

Discuss what is going on with Facebook in the WIRED article.

– Should truth be up for debate?

– Use Rodman’s Chapter 2: Media Impact, as well!

– And anything else you want to add here… go for it.

Word Count: 500-1500 (or more) words.

As a helpful hint: Participation in the class helps your grade. I’d like to see more of you contributing to the discussions.

Class 5 – March 1st – EXAM #1 of 3

Your exam will be on Thursday, March 1st.

Subject: The first 5 chapters of Rodman’s book. Anything and everything is fair game.

Exam Type: The exam is a scantron so a #2 pencil is needed.

50-60 questions, 1 hour timed exam. True/False and Multiple Choice questions.

NO ESSAYS or fill ins.

After the exam there is a mandatory screening.

Thank you and have a good week.

Professor Dunphy


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