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1165 Week 7 March 15th Spring 18

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the film discussion! Two favorites for sure. Both were extremely influential on my upbringing so why not share?

For next week:

Please read Rodman’s Chapter 7 – Recordings and read the “Controversy section” of the Radio chapter.

For your blog:

After our quick discussion yesterday, I decided to make it a 21 year anniversary party.

Your Favorite Album vs. My Favorite Album

My favorite album is Radiohead’s OK Computer (1997)

You can find the album ANYWHERE so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Listen to the album, give a review of the album as a whole. 

*The only unacceptable review is any form of: “I don’t listen to this kind of music.”

Do RESEARCH (reviews? Lyrics?), work with the album for a few days…. and write this how you want. However, you SHOULD listen to this album several times before reviewing it.

Include these few:

Do you see any similarities between this album and the articles we’ve read? The movies we’ve watched? If so, how?

Pick ONE song to break down – either the one you liked the most, least, etc. Don’t just say, I like it. Really go into it.

Extra Credit if you can guess my favorite and give a reason why.

More Extra Credit: A year ago Radiohead released the 20th anniversary of the album, and added MORE songs, it’s called OKNOTOK Computer. You can add to your post using this album.

Your Favorite Album:

I need an album to listen to — I miss new music. Convince me to buy this album.

Which is the best song? Why? Really get into it.

Knowing OK Computer is my favorite… it does give you a leg up on things.

Looking forward to seeing which album you chose and what you think of OK Computer.

Word Count: Whatever you believe is COLLEGE LEVEL work. Seriously. This could be the redeeming post that ups your grade. Earn it.

Enjoy the MUSIC! And if you’ve gotten this far, I SO may quiz you on the recordings chapter.


Professor Dunphy



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