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1165 Week 8 Spring 18

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Hi Everyone,

Good discussion yesterday. Hope you’re enjoying the work.

Remember for extra credit (due by week 13) you can discuss some of the albums mentioned and/or the Bruno Mars… situation? Extra credits are earned, not given.

Solid job on the quiz. Most passed!

For next week:

Please read the Radio & TV section from Rodman’s book.


We watched this video at the end of class:

Write about it.

Your thoughts, ideas… is this hate speech? Free speech? Is it protected? Should it be protected? Should a radio host (or anyone in media) be responsible if an individual causes harm to others?

Not just this — explore further than just the above prompts.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

I want to be VERY clear! This is not ONLY from one side of the aisle but in the radio world it is predominately right leaning, so here there ya go.

We will discuss in full on Thursday.

Looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend.

Professor Dunphy


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