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Hello 1165,

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, I am canceling class today.

My TAs will be sending out a television episodes and an assignment soon. The assignment is below as well. This work will be posted to your blog.

Sorry to have to miss the class. Regardless, have a great spring break and holiday!


Professor Dunphy

The Assignment:

Hello 1165,

I have to cancel class today due to a family issue. I am not sure when we will be able to make it up so in lieu of a class, you will watch some television.
I would like for you to take the time and watch the pilot episodes of the following shows:
Roseanne — sent via wetransfer
NEW (kinda a pilot) of Roseanne – premiered this past week and is available on demand, streaming, etc.
The Newsroom – sent via wetransfer
West Wing – available streaming
All FOUR are required viewing.
You will compare and contrast the Roseanne old vs. new
Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom v. The West Wing
If you want to compare/contrast all four – go for it.
In addition, answer some of the following:
Who are your favorite/least characters and why?
Which show would you want to continue watching and why?
**If you don’t like the shows, that’s fine but I need to know why!
The: “I don’t watch these kind of shows” is an unacceptable answer.
Add anything else you want to add please feel free
Word Count: 1000+ words
Due: Thursday, April 12th by 3:30pm
**Extra Credit Opt:
Watch the first season of ANY of these shows and write about it. This will count as 3 extra credit “points.”
The work has to be over 3000 words as usually 1 extra credit point is over 1000 words of work.
You may get an assignment regarding the INTERNET — that will be due on the same day. So just keep an eye out.

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