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Hello Everyone,

We will go over this in class but sending it now with about 2 weeks to go.

Your final blog assignment is due Thursday, May 10th before 3:30pm. 

NO late posts will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

My comments will begin on Friday, May 11th and continue until I finish all of them. Your grades will be sent out after everyone has received comments. I will make comments either on your blog or via email. You will receive the blog grade BEFORE your final exam.

Here we go!!!

The Final Blog Assignment spring 2018:

Late Night Hosts And Controversial Issues

Read the first chapter/lecture of Satire’s Brew. The file: Satire’s Brew TDS chapter

Use the chapter as a required reference throughout the post.

Required: Find two or more sources for your post in addition to the above.


Hosts: Choose 1 or more from the list (I’d choose 2!)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Jim Jeffries Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live…

Try to watch hosts you don’t know about…

**You will have to choose one or more during Week 13’s class***

Topic: ONLY choose 1

Suggestions: News/Commentators/24-7 News Cycle, Gun Violence, Politicians (can focus on one element), The President, Net Neutrality, Terrorism/Terrorist Attacks, Health Care, Taxes etc. There are more subjects so whatever you want — no permission needed. Just make sure there is enough material!

What to Write About:

Use Satire’s Brew to get your bearings on the work and the discussion from week 13.

Watch enough videos (one-two will not do) from host(s) and discuss the issue and how the host(s) presents the issue.  How effective is the host discussing the issue? What do they reveal about the issue within the segment? Do you understand the host’s argument/pov in the segment? Can you explain it? Did you learn anything new? Did their POV change your mind or open you up to a new way of thinking?

For anyone who does ONE host or more — compare/contrast between the two. Who do you like more? Why.

Come up with one word to describe the host(s), use sources and videos to explain your word.

Make sure to use the parameters set in Satire’s Brew! What is the crux of the show, TDS philosophy, and others.

You can include Jon Stewart but not at the cost of the other host(s).

Anything else that you would like to discuss – feel free!


Use examples from the videos, Satire’s Brew chapter, other sources to elevate your argument.

Word Count: Minimum 1250 to maximum 2500

Really looking forward to reading the posts! Remember, this is the final post and your work should be tip-top!

Hope you enjoyed the work/semester as much as I did.


Professor Dunphy


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