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Week 13 – May 3rd – Spring 18

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Hey Everyone,

Week 13, only two more classes left. I know you can believe it!

For this class we will focus on the following:

Evolving NEWS chapter 11 from Rodman’s book.

I would like for you to do research and be prepared for

  1. What’s happening with Sean Hannity.
  2. What is happening with Joy Reid.
  3. What is SINCLAIR MEDIA and what is going on there.

Second Exam:

I will make my decision by next week but your final exam will be the INTERNET, NEWS, MEDIA LAW & MEDIA ETHICS  chapters. 100 questions. Matching & Multiple Choice. #2 pencil, etc.

Thursday, May 24th 3:30pm

If we count your second exam, your final is worth 25% of your grade, if we do not count the second exam, your final will be worth 45% of your grade.

Final Blog:

I will be sending out the assignment in a separate post.

The work is due by 3:30pm on Thursday, May 10th.

Remember this is the one I grade and will help me decide on 30% of your final grade.

Extra Credits:

I have given so many options, you can do up to 3. Extra credit is earned, not given. Due by 3:30pm, Thursday May 3rd. No exceptions unless I OK it.

Think that’s enough! Enjoy the weekend.




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