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Welcome to 1165 Fall 2018

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 1165, fall 2018 semester.

Our class meets Tuesday/Thursday 2:15-3:30pm, same room.

I’m looking forward to the semester, hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy teaching it.

Here is the syllabus and the assignment sheet.

Fall 18 MM Blog Assignment

Fall 18 MM Tues & Thurs Syllabus

Your required text is Rodman’s Mass Media in a Changing World, updated 4th edition.

ISBN #: 9780073512013 – My advice rent or get it used. It’s an older edition but other readings will follow.

We will start the lecturing on Thursday and covering Rodman’s book.

Your TA will email you – if you haven’t heard from them by class time on Thursday, please email me at profdunphy@gmail.com or speak to Brittany during class.

Thanks again!

Good luck with the semester!

All the best,

Professor Dunphy


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