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Fall 2018 Mass Media – Class 3 & 4

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Hi Everyone!

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend! Class 2 in the books, things are starting to run a little more smoothly with the room. Once the weather breaks, the fans will be off and it’ll be an even better classroom experience.

For Tuesday Class 3 and Thursday Class 4:

Please read Rodman’s Chapters 1 & 2 — you can rent it, buy it used, get it online etc. This is the main text we will be working from, so please get it ASAP.

Remember, most of the exams come straight from the text… so you will need it.

Some classroom reminders:

Please watch your cell phone use, and I would prefer no computers. If you’re taking notes, hand written is better. If you want to take photos of the slides that’s fine by me.

Food and Drink – It’s a brand new room! As in this is the first week it’s ever been used so please have drinks with covers/caps and be careful with them. Put them on the floor, away from your feet so you don’t knock it over. With food, I’d prefer you not to eat but if you do, please do not leave your trash in the room…. that’s uncool.

Extra Credit:

You’re allowed 3 extra credit points throughout the semester.

What does this mean? As explained before, if you’re on the B/B+ cusp range, it may get you to an A-. If you’re on the D+/C- it may get you to C-. I want to help those who are doing well and those who are struggling, so this is one way to do it.

I do allow a 4th extra credit point but ONLY in specific examples. Like The Good Place. See below.

I announced two extra credits so just in case you didn’t write them down. I won’t be posting extra credits unless it’s for a reason. I usually just bring them up in class.

Extra Credit Opt #1:

Fahrenheit 11/9, out in September. Go to see the movie ($5 AMC TUESDAYS!), take a selfie, take a photo of the ticket. Write a 1000 word review (not summary) of the film. Worth 1 point.

Watch The Good Place (seasons 1 & 2) — Watch ALL episodes, write a review (not summary) of the show. Be creative, really have fun with it. I personally believe it is the best show on TV. You can agree or disagree. Season 3 comes out in late September. If you watch Season 1 you will receive 1 point, if you watch both seasons you will receive 3 points. All 3 seasons – 4 points. Length, if a movie is 1000 words… and gets you one point… do the math and this should be 3-5,000 words.

While this may seem like a lot… if you’re discussing: the show, the plot, the characters, individual episodes, ideas, and your personal review over the course of 1, 2 or 3 seasons, it’s not that much.

This is extra credit and not guaranteed nor required.

TA Contact:

If you haven’t heard from your TA, please contact Brittany at BrittanyBtheTA@gmail.com, she can direct you to who you should be working with during the semester.

That’s about it!

Have a good one weekend!

Professor Dunphy


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