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Blog Post #1 – Due Thurs. Sept 13th before 2pm

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Hey All,

Please see below for your first blog, due by Thursday September 13th BEFORE 2pm . You can post it anytime you want just before the deadline.

You post this work to your OWN blog, the TA will check it, and eventually give you an assessment of the work.

Read the following two long form magazine articles and the newspaper:




Answer the following questions:

— What is fake news? If you don’t know, go look it up. – Do you think the term “fake news” is accurate? Why or why not. What word would you use in its place?

– What is your immediate reaction to these articles? What stood out to you?

– Do you agree/disagree with “America losing its mind?”

–What as the most surprising elements to the “America losing its mind” piece? Give details.

– Should Facebook or other sites be held to a journalistic standard? What standard do you think that should be? Should people be held to a standard? What about Twitter? Youtube? Should social media sites be forced to allow content that is “objectionable” or “offensive?” Who should these sites be beholden to?

– Should truth be up for debate? Why is it now up for debate?

– Use Rodman’s Chapter 2: Media Impact, as well!

– And anything else you want to add here… go for it.

Word Count: 750-1500 (or more) words.

Happy Writing!



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