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Blog Post #2 – Due Thurs. Sept 20th

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Blog Post due before 2pm on Thursday, September 20th. Of course, this can be posted beforehand. Just don’t miss your deadline.

I was looking at so many different assignments, and spotted this subject… and where we are right now, could be a good day!

Topic: Political Correctness & Language

Read these three articles:




Watch these videos: Content is adult-themed as is the language but you’re adults 🙂

What to Write About:

Do you agree or disagree with political correctness? Is it THAT simple? What about the George Carlin video? What point is he trying to make?

Do you agree/disagree with what is in the articles? What about Bill Maher? Do you agree/disagree? Are his points valid in the two pieces?

What are your thoughts on college campus/safe spaces?

Expand in whatever way you want. Find an article or video that can expand or disagree with the work above… that could be fun.

Word Count: 500-1000 words

Be prepared to discuss in class on the 20th.

Thanks all!

Professor Dunphy




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