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Tues & Thurs 9/25 and 9/27

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Hi Everyone,

We’re back to it, and charging ahead, here’s this week’s readings.

Attached is the new syllabus with a few changes.

Click here: Fall 18 MM Tues & Thurs Syllabus – New

Our two make-ups will follow normal class time on:

Thursday, September 27th and Thursday, October 4th.

This coming week: Classes 5, 6/7 (the make-up is #7)

Please have the books chapter read for Tuesday and the newspapers chapter read for Thursday.

We will start discussing the blog posts as well this coming week into next.

Next blog due – Thursday, October 4th – separate post to follow.

Your TA will respond during that week or sooner.

First Exam – Tuesday, October 9th, scantron, #2 pencil, multiple choice, true/false.

That will end the first section of the course then we move right into the second section.

Alrighty! Have a great weekend! See ya Tuesday!


Professor Dunphy


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