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Blog Post #3 – Fall 2018 – 10/4

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Hi All,

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. I’ll see you tomorrow for class… this post is for the third blog post of the semester.

Due before Thursday, October 4th – 2pm. Don’t be late! Deadlines are important.

Blog Assignment:

I usually do not have students focus on the controversy du jour because things can change so quickly, but in the current climate, I believe it is necessary.

Research (newspapers, magazines, TV news, internet, etc) what is happening with The Supreme Court and President Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Write your opinion on the situation. Do not just summarize it. Don’t forget to link us to your sources.

Some prompts:

What side(s) do you come out on? Are you able to see this from different POVs? Are there different POVs?

When researching look to sides you agree/disagree with — remember selective exposure, perception and retention? This could play a role in the work.

But I’m giving you some room on what you want to write about.

Word Count: 750+ words

Best of luck!

Professor Dunphy




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