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Reminder! Double Class Tomorrow!

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Hey All,

Just a reminder we will have a double-class tomorrow to make-up for the missed classes.

We will discuss the NEWSPAPERS chapter, and the first blog post on Fake News. Please look over your own blog, and be prepared to discuss.

After the first class ends we will move right into the extended class where we will continue the discussion of Fake News and finish the Book Controversy chapter.

Following weeks:

Tuesday October 2nd – please read the Magazine chapter.

Thursday, October 4th – second and last double class – we will wrap up the first section of the semester and catch up anything and everything we need. We will also discuss your blog posts.

Tuesday, October 9th – Exam #1 – Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and possibly 5 and possibly some work from the blogs. Will let you know. #2 pencil — BRING YOUR OWN! Multiple Choice and True/False.

Thursday, October 11th – Film Chapter

**The TAs will be responding to your work by this time. If you haven’t received comments by this time, please email Brittany or speak to her before/after class.*

Tuesday, October 16th & Thursday, October 18th – Film discussions. Will send a blog post to prompt you. Your TA’s will be sending you a “wetransfer” email. Once it is sent you have a week to download. The TA will receive an email receipt stating you downloaded (not opened) the files.

If you didn’t receive your films by October 10th. Email your TA.

That should cover us for a while.

See ya tomorrow!

Professor Dunphy

Oh, and continuing to ruin your current movie-going experience: To anyone who has watched the new Netflix film “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” It is a straight rip off of an 80’s film called: “Can’t Buy Me Love” and a 90’s film called “Drive me Crazy” with Melissa Joan Hart. The similarities are… well… pretty striking except for one difference in the lead character.




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