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Class 10/2 and Double Class on 10/4

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Hi Everyone,

Here are a few things for this week.

Tuesday October 2nd – please read the Magazine chapter… like read it. Ya know.

Thursday, October 4th – last double class.

I already posted the blog without any links but over the last few days, I wanted you to watch these few videos and one article. This will be discussed during our class time.

Please read this article:


Please watch these videos and take a few notes.




We will discuss more of these during class.

Your blog is due by 2pm as always. You can include these in your blog but I am hoping you will find your own.

Tuesday, October 9th – Exam #1 – Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and possibly 5 and possibly some work from the blogs. Will let you know. #2 pencil — BRING YOUR OWN! Multiple Choice and True/False.

That’s about it!

See ya tomorrow.

Professor Dunphy


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