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Reminder & Next Exam

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Hi Everyone,

Here’s that reminder:

Tuesday, April 9th
3127 Ingersoll Hall
Be there.
If you have class at 3:40 come for the first 39 minutes or so. If you have class that ends at 3:30, come right after. This is for the snow day… and truth is — you never know who you will meet… and how this will help you in the future. It may not but it could? Stranger things have happened.
Those who are struggling, attendance issues, sleeping issues (there are a bunch) and/or doing well too should be there.
Exam #2:
Next week will be our second exam, it’ll start promptly at 12:50 so please be on time. The exam will be one hour. #2 pencil.
There will be True/False, Multiple choice, and Matching.
65 Questions.
Afterwards, you’re done so head on home.
However! I will be putting up your assignment on the blog with a wetransfer link that day or evening, and the link will only be good for one week — so make sure you take the time to download it.
Two More Blogs:
One blog will be due after Spring Break, the other will be the final blog — sometime in May, probably for the last class.
Our final exam is on Monday, May 20th from 10:30-12:30pm. Room TBD. Chapters TBD.
See you later today!!
Have a good one.

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