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April 29th Class + Blog work

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Hi All,

Happy Spring Break! I wanted to send this out as promised.

We will be discussing the EVOLVING JOURNALISM chapter 11 when we return. You will receive your exam back at the end of our class.

Week 13 – Last chance for extra credits. I’ve given out so many options over the semester. Remember, you have to EARN them not just receive it.

The Blog:

Last week, I sent out two links for WETRANSFER, please download them ASAP as they’re gone in a few days.



The Blog:

You’re choosing 2 out of the 4. ONLY 2 out of the 4. I repeat 2 out of the 4. You CAN do the other 2 as a separate blog and earn extra credit.


— Use all you’ve learned thus far, and apply it to your films.

— Use Rodman’s text and a few outside sources.

— Compare/contrast the two films

— Discuss one character from each, compare them.

— Add whatever you feel is necessary

Word Count: 750-1000 words

Small yet important note:

This is your last post before the final post. You should be honing your skills and in turn this should be one of your best posts.

I will be sending out a final post soon.

Happy Viewing.


Professor Dunphy


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