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Final Blog Spring 2019

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Hello Again 1165,

As promised here is the information on the final blog. I mentioned in class, this is the one I grade and comment on, though you are assessed for all the work you did this semester. You will receive an email or comment on your blog, your grade will follow shortly thereafter.

The final blog is worth around 15 points out of the 30 points for this section.

The Blog Post is due on MONDAY, MAY 13th before 12:30pm

You have TWO options for the final blog assignment:

Option 1: Create your own final blog assignment, with research.

Word Count: 1500-2000

You do not need permission but make sure your blog post is MASS MEDIA related.

Cannot be a straight opinion piece, nor a simple review of any kind.

At least 4+ sources are required, use Rodman’s text.

Use your best judgment on what is an adequate final post, DO NOT do something  easy or trite. Do the work. Earn the points.

Think about it before committing to it.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do, go with…

Option 2: Take any previous post and expand on it.

DO NOT COPY & PASTE the previous post. Put the link to the previous post in your post so I can look back on it. This is required.

Word Count: 1500-2000

At least 3+ sources are required, use Rodman’s text.

Possible Ideas:

  • Interact with the previous post — did you opinion or outlook change? Do you feel differently? Are there elements you would like to dig deeper into? Improve on the piece.
  • Reflect on your work
    • Did you learn something or through research you do not agree with what you wrote?
  • Combine different aspects from different blogs if you like, and react to them. Add to them.
    • After watching Talk Radio, Pump Up the Volume and Unproductive Seasons 3 & 4 discuss the main characters… you see what I mean. This could be option 1 as well.

Why this kind of post: 

I spoke about the blogger Andrew Sullivan who was an Iraq War supporter and would constantly blog about the war. As the war continued, his opinion changed, his views were altered because of the disastrous decisions made by the Bush campaign. After awhile he looked back on the original posts and reacted to his writing. It was astounding to see someone reconcile with being so wrong and understanding why he was so wrong. He’s been wrong since, and has done the same thing. It’s how I feel about my book, Satire’s Brew. In it I praised the emergence of the 5th estate (the bloggers, twitter, other forms not in the journalism field) and now I see the flaws in the theory. This came with time but has reshaped my point of view.

OK! That’s it. This is the first time I’m doing this so we will discuss it on Monday because I know some of you will have questions.

Oh and if you’re still here, I’m giving a quiz on advertising on Monday too.

Best, and have a great week.

Professor Dunphy




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