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I sent this email to the email you have registered through BC. You may have received it, you may not have. Please respond so I can grade your blog.

Do not respond on the blog – email profdunphy@gmail.com and medina.22ta@gmail.com so we can handle the situation.

ONCE AGAIN – THIS IS FOR LIZA’S STUDENTS ONLY. If you received responses from Medina throughout the semester this does not apply to you.

Dear Liza’s Students:

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the TA’s responses to your blogs this semester. This assignment depends on the TA being active and letting you know how you are doing during the semester. I was aware there were issues but the TA promised things would be handled. However, a large majority of you did not receive adequate responses. This is unacceptable to me and I will remedy this.
I’ve never encountered this situation before so I am sorry this happened. I put my trust in responsible students but sometimes things go array. Sadly, this is one of those times.
What I plan to do:
Please respond to this email by hitting REPLY all to myself and Medina, INCLUDE the link to your wordpress blog.
Medina the ta – medina.22ta@gmail.com
Step 1 – # of blogs done:
We will tally your blogs and make sure they were done by the due date.
Step 2 – How I plan to grade:
I cannot look at each post, grade them, and go from there… instead, I will grade on a curve while factoring in the lack of responses.
— You will still be graded on a 1-30 scale.
— Each blog completed on time will count for full points
— Each missing blog will count for less than usual vs those who had Medina as their TA.
— I will factor all the issues this semester into your final score, hence the “curve.”
If you didn’t do the work — this situation doesn’t apply to you. If you didn’t do a majority of the work that has everything to do with you and nothing to do with the TA’s performance.
However, if you want to be graded — send in the wordpress link.
Step 3 – Grading
I will make comments on the final blog via email.
Once again, I am sorry this happened.
I plan to have these all done by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.
Professor Dunphy

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