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Monday 11/11 Work + Blog

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Hi Class,

Sorry for the delay.

Please have Rodman’s Internet chapter read.

The blog:

I mentioned in class… What is going on at the website: Deadspin?

Do some research, use sources, and tell me what is going on…. what happened? When did it all begin? What’s the latest news?

What are the main questions at play with the story?

This requires a bit of research.

Word Count: 750-1000 words

Cell phone use: I will simply mark you down if you are on your phone. I won’t tell you, I’ll just mark it and keep track of it. When your grade is dropped, you’ll know why. Please make note of this and step outside if you need to use your phone. I have stated several times I find it rude, and there are too many of those who are using their phones in class.

See you Monday.

Professor Dunphy

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