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1165 F19, Monday Nov 18th

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Hi everyone,

Quite a bit of information here so please read all of it.

I told you about the second exam’s chapters – film, radio, tv and internet. The questions will be in true false, multiple choice and matching form. 60-70 total questions.
Same as before – the exam starts at 12:50 and will last one hour. #2 pencil. Scantron.
A mandatory screening will follow after the exam. Attendance will be taken.
There is no blog post this week. All you have to do is study. Good luck!
Your TA will respond to some not all of your blog posts…. If you haven’t heard from them by Friday, November 22 please email me at profdunphy@gmail.com
On November 25th, we will have a guest speaker. Please arrive on time and be respectful of your cell phone use. She works in the advertising/PR world so I think this is perfect for that week. You’ll be reading about those two subjects.
Week 13 is the last week for extra credit.
How much blog work is left?
You will have one more blog before your final blog. I will send that info out shortly.
Your final blog post is due the last day of class, December 9th. I will post that sometime soon.
Starting on the 10th, I will respond to each and everyone of you. My plan is to give you your grade before the final exam. Though things can go wrong. I do my best.
Once you have the blog grade plus two exams plus knowing your attendance, lateness, cell phone use (you know who you are), you should have a pretty good idea on where you’re headed towards for an overall grade.
When is the final exam?
Final exam – Monday, December 16th 1-3pm. Chapters TBD. Obviously, more details to come. If you have a conflict, please let me know asap.
That’s enough for today!
Good luck studying and stay warm.
Professor Dunphy

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