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1165 F19 – Monday, 11/25

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Hi All,

You will receive your exam grade at the end of our next class.

If your TA hasn’t responded to your latest set of blog posts (some not all) by Friday, November 22nd, please let me know at profdunphy@gmail.com

For 11/25:

We will have a guest speaker — be on time + no cell phone use. I’ve said it enough for you to know.

Readings: Please read the two Rodman chapters on PR and Advertising

Blog Assignment: Due Monday 11/25

Watch the TWO films and write a review of ONE (do both for extra credit) — NOT a summary of them. Summary = fail

I may do a quiz on both films so watch both.

Use all you’ve learned over these past few months to really write this blog post. What makes a good post– what do you need to do, what elements need to be in there… what questions should you ask and answer? What should be discussed? Should you do research? Use sources?

This is the last one BEFORE the final one so you should  be operating at your PEAK here.

Take this one seriously. Spoiler: I may end up grading this one instead of the last one.

The Two Films:

Good Night & Good Luck and The Most Dangerous Man in America

The link expires in one week: https://we.tl/t-ObM8OpFVCN

That’s about it!

See you all next week.

Professor Dunphy


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