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Monday, Dec 2nd & Dec 9th 1165 – Classwork

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed our guest speaker yesterday. She’s pretty great, at least, I believe so. Her story is special to me because I know her so well. Btw, there’s no email proof of my meanness, it may have been my response in class. But look at her now!

This information is ONLY for the readings for our last two classes:

Your extra credits are due by Monday, Dec 2nd, week 13. None will be accepted after that day.

Monday, December 2nd, please read Rodman’s Evolving News chapter. It’s before the PR/AD chapters.

Also, please read the two articles below:



We will discuss Good Night, & Good Luck and The Most Dangerous Man in America.

Monday, December 9th

Please read Media Law & Media Ethics chapters — these will definitely be on the exam! You’ll read them and see why the exams are not cumulative.

Monday, December 16th

Final Exam 1:00-3:00pm, same room. Chapters TBD.

Another post to follow with your final blog assignment.


Professor Dunphy



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