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1165 Fall 2019 Final Exam Info

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Hi Everyone,

I made it home in 3 1/2 hours on Monday! Not bad! Ha. It was awful.

This Monday your final blog post is due. The details were sent out and explained in class on Monday.

I will begin grading on Monday night/Tuesday AM. My hope is to finish by your final exam but I do not make any promises. There are 90+ of you, if I average 25+ per day, that’s 4 days. That’s possible but not easy.

If you are wondering about how you’ll be scored, below is the rubric.


Your Final Exam is on Monday, December 16th from 10:30-12:30pm in Whitehead 222. Different time, different room! I was just made aware of this switch.

If there is a conflict — email me at profdunphy@gmail.com ASAP

The exam is the same — #2 pencil, scantron, etc.

100 Questions total. Multiple Choice and Matching. No true/false.

The chapters: Chapter 11 – News (we’ll discuss more on Monday) and Chapters 14 & 15 Media Law & Media Ethics. We will cover as much as we can on Monday. That’s it. 3 chapters for a 100 questions. That works out to 33 questions per chapter so KNOW these chapters and you should be more than fine.

Good luck studying!

Here’s that rubric:

Blog Rubric 1165

How the blog score is reached:

27-30/ 90 and above
Student did all the work, on time, no missing elements. Went above what was required and/or showed improvement throughout semester. Put in the effort that deserves an A in this section…

24-26/ 80-87
Student did most of the work with a few blemishes such as a missed post, lateness or missing required elements… the final post not being up to A standards. But did well.

Figure that one missed post = 2 points but more posts missed = more points off.

20-23+/ 66-77
Student missed posts/elements/lateness/word count but did enough to pass but was average throughout the semester…

Below 19
Missed several posts, late, and barely did the required work. Final post may or may not have been done. Missed too many posts regardless of final post.

That’s about it!

Have a great weekend and see you for our final class on Monday!


Professor Dunphy

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