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1165 F19 – Monday, 11/25

Hi All,

You will receive your exam grade at the end of our next class.

If your TA hasn’t responded to your latest set of blog posts (some not all) by Friday, November 22nd, please let me know at

For 11/25:

We will have a guest speaker — be on time + no cell phone use. I’ve said it enough for you to know.

Readings: Please read the two Rodman chapters on PR and Advertising

Blog Assignment: Due Monday 11/25

Watch the TWO films and write a review of ONE (do both for extra credit) — NOT a summary of them. Summary = fail

I may do a quiz on both films so watch both.

Use all you’ve learned over these past few months to really write this blog post. What makes a good post– what do you need to do, what elements need to be in there… what questions should you ask and answer? What should be discussed? Should you do research? Use sources?

This is the last one BEFORE the final one so you should  be operating at your PEAK here.

Take this one seriously. Spoiler: I may end up grading this one instead of the last one.

The Two Films:

Good Night & Good Luck and The Most Dangerous Man in America

The link expires in one week:

That’s about it!

See you all next week.

Professor Dunphy


1165 F19, Monday Nov 18th

Hi everyone,

Quite a bit of information here so please read all of it.

I told you about the second exam’s chapters – film, radio, tv and internet. The questions will be in true false, multiple choice and matching form. 60-70 total questions.
Same as before – the exam starts at 12:50 and will last one hour. #2 pencil. Scantron.
A mandatory screening will follow after the exam. Attendance will be taken.
There is no blog post this week. All you have to do is study. Good luck!
Your TA will respond to some not all of your blog posts…. If you haven’t heard from them by Friday, November 22 please email me at
On November 25th, we will have a guest speaker. Please arrive on time and be respectful of your cell phone use. She works in the advertising/PR world so I think this is perfect for that week. You’ll be reading about those two subjects.
Week 13 is the last week for extra credit.
How much blog work is left?
You will have one more blog before your final blog. I will send that info out shortly.
Your final blog post is due the last day of class, December 9th. I will post that sometime soon.
Starting on the 10th, I will respond to each and everyone of you. My plan is to give you your grade before the final exam. Though things can go wrong. I do my best.
Once you have the blog grade plus two exams plus knowing your attendance, lateness, cell phone use (you know who you are), you should have a pretty good idea on where you’re headed towards for an overall grade.
When is the final exam?
Final exam – Monday, December 16th 1-3pm. Chapters TBD. Obviously, more details to come. If you have a conflict, please let me know asap.
That’s enough for today!
Good luck studying and stay warm.
Professor Dunphy

Monday 11/11 Work + Blog

Hi Class,

Sorry for the delay.

Please have Rodman’s Internet chapter read.

The blog:

I mentioned in class… What is going on at the website: Deadspin?

Do some research, use sources, and tell me what is going on…. what happened? When did it all begin? What’s the latest news?

What are the main questions at play with the story?

This requires a bit of research.

Word Count: 750-1000 words

Cell phone use: I will simply mark you down if you are on your phone. I won’t tell you, I’ll just mark it and keep track of it. When your grade is dropped, you’ll know why. Please make note of this and step outside if you need to use your phone. I have stated several times I find it rude, and there are too many of those who are using their phones in class.

See you Monday.

Professor Dunphy

Monday 11/4 – TV + Blog

Hi 1165,

I sent out the blog assignment awhile back:

We will discuss the TV chapter, The Good Place, and Unproductive’s seasons 3 & 4.

That’s about it!

See you on Monday and Happy Halloween!

Professor Dunphy


Hi Everyone,

There is no blog for 10/28. This blog is due Monday, November 4th before 12:30pm.

Watch Unproductive Seasons 3 & 4

Here’s the link:

Prompt Questions/Options:

You do not have to do ALL of these. Definitely work in at least TWO source. Possibly Rodman?

Compare and contrast the two seasons, characters, issues that are involved in each season. Is there a favorite character/scene/line of dialogue/moment? Which character didn’t you like? Always give the why and try to really give a reason. Reflect on yourself as well. Why do you think you liked Roxy or Emily, etc.

Use what you’ve learned this semester, discuss the third and fourth seasons, and the issues that come up throughout the season. Go into detail with the issues.

Try and use some sources: Can range from Rodman’s book to articles written about the issues discussed in the show to films, etc.

As always, I do not accept “I didn’t like this” and no explanation on why or “It’s not what I watch.” This is an INTRODUCTION to MASS MEDIA course, we are introducing you to something. That’s the point.

For the technical stuff:

I do not need to know the sound is bad in episode 3, scene 2 or the lighting is off in this scene, etc.

I am looking for writing about the show’s content. Try to make it personal to you. Some of you connected with Pump up the Volume, and possibly with Gattaca too. Be personal about it. Explore the work, see what you come up with.

Add what you want.

Word Count: 800-1000 words, which is 3-4+ pages. With two seasons and plenty of material plus the prompts I do not foresee this being an issue.

Do you have an interest in acting? We will be holding auditions in December for Unproductive Season 5. If so, shoot me an email at

Hope you enjoy the show!


Professor Dunphy

1165 F2019 – October 28th

Hello 1165,

As always here’s the work due for Monday, October 28th class.


Please have RECORDINGS & TELEVISION chapters read. You already read RADIO so you should be all set for that.

Blog Assignment:

There is no blog due this week. I will be sending out another post with the next two blogs that will be due in November

Next Exam:

Monday, November 18th – chapters TBD but will be any chapters covered after the first exam.

Extra Credit:

All extra credit is posted to your blog and due by December 2nd before 12:30pm. You are allowed to do 3 extra credits.

Have a good week!


Professor Dunphy


Extra Credit – “Actors” 10/23 12:30-2:00pm

Hey All,

I will post the week’s work shortly but first…
I need a few “actors” to read a role or two for our table read.
Wednesday, 10/23 from 12:30-2:00pm.
The script is the next episode in our newest Unproductive incarnation…
Episode summary: After a hot mic picks up racist taunts at a party, the gang forms a plan to infiltrate the group and expose the culprits.
Fair Warning:
There is language that some may consider unacceptable.
If you’re interested, email me at
Advice: Those who are struggling with grades, deadlines, missed assignments, classes, etc, this is a perfect opportunity.
Professor Dunphy