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Book Fair 11/8

Hey All,

See the info below:

Come One, Come All to the Annual BFA Book Sale!

Good Afternoon,

On behalf of the Senior BFA Class, we would like to request if all faculty can announce the Annual BFA Book Sale in their class to all students. We will have tons of plays, anthologies, textbooks, and scripts available for sale at very low prices. Please see the flyer below and the attached PDF version. The Book Sale is hosted all day so everybody has the chance to come! All proceeds will be going towards the 2018 BFA Showcase.

If anyone would like to donate any books there is still time! Please send an email to this address and CC and we can set up arrangements for a senior to pick up any donations!

Book Sale Flyer


1165 Week 12 – 11/22

Hello Again,

I am sending this out almost three weeks ahead of time! So, I guess there’s no excuse not to do it.

I sent out the week 10/11 information this AM.

This reading/blog post is due before 12pm on Wednesday, November 22nd… or earlier.

The reading is from Rodman’s book – Evolving News, Chapter 11.

The Blog Assignment:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart… and now Trevor Noah.

Read the first chapter/lecture of Satire’s Brew. It’s not short.

Satire’s Brew TDS chapter

Using the book as a reference – required – throughout the post.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart vs. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Each of you will need to do some research to find episodes for your subject.

Hint: Both shows were aired on Comedy Central.

Subjects according to TA:

Rodwell – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)

Sabrina – Gun Violence

Magdalena – Terrorism

Kendy – Politicians (President/Republicans/Democrats)

Andrea – Gun Violence

Watch enough videos (one-two will not do) from each and compare/contrast the two hosts. Usually it is the opening 10-12 minutes of the show. Though sometimes it goes longer…

Who is more effective discussing the issue? What do they reveal within the segment?

Do you understand the host’s argument/pov in the segment? Can you explain it?

Who do you like more? Why.

Come up with one word to describe the host, use the text and videos to explain your word.

Anything else that you would like to discuss – feel free.

Required: Use examples from the videos and use the chapter to elevate your argument.

Word Count: 750+

Btw, this may end up being the LAST one before the final blog post. We shall see.

Have a good one!


Professor Dunphy




Week 10 – 11/8, Week 11 – Exam#2

Hello 1165!

Hope you enjoyed our continued foray into television history and current industry practices.

For next class:

**New rule in class from here on: NO more computers during class.**

We will finish South Park’s Cash for Gold episode and discuss Unproductive Seasons 1 & 2. Please be prepared to discuss.

Please read the Internet chapter in Rodman’s book.

The Blog Assignment due before 12pm, as always.

We will be discussing Government Surveillance and… the Internet. You know, light stuff!

Watch these two videos (both 30 mins each)

John Oliver’s 2015 piece:

VICE (2016):

What to Write About:

Did you know who Edward Snowden was/is? Were you one of the people in the Man on the Street video from John Oliver’s piece?

What are your thoughts on what he did? Explain why.

John Oliver discusses several points about people not caring about surveillance, do you agree or disagree?

Should the government be allowed to have this much power to spy on people around the world, and in turn in the US?

What are your thoughts on gov’t surveillance?

How do you feel right now about all this????

Edward Snowden has been called a hero and a traitor – where do you come out on it?

Any thoughts/ideas you want to add.

Word Count: 500-1000


Wednesday, November 15th 

Exam #2 is a one hour in-class exam. Please bring (and use) a #2 pencil.

The exam begins promptly at 12:50pm.

There will be multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. That’s the new ripple.

Chapters: 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Film, Recordings, Radio, TV, and Internet.

Here are some things that probably will be on the exam: This is not all. I was just being nice.

Terms to Know:




Persistence of Vision

Oligopoly and apply to the media

Difference between hardware & software

Web 2.0

Cloud Computing


People To Know & Their Inventions – Know what connected them…

Newton Minnow


Tim Berners-Lee

Philo Farnsworth

David Sarnoff

Thomas Edison – played a role in film, radio but how?


William Paley


George Eastman

DW Griffith

Lee DeForest

Edward Muybridge


Things & Dates to Know:

The World’s Fair introduced what?

Lines of resolutions for TV

When did the electronic era begin and all that comes with it – advantages/disadvantages

The Golden Age of TV, Film & Radio – don’t forget cable and violence!

How Did People Get Their Info BEFORE TV & Radio

Digital Technology in Film – special effects, etc.

The Phases of Film Production & the job descriptions/job titles in film

TV/Film/Radio fights for survival against which medium or media

Everything & anything about Satellites – I LOVE THEM!

Who controls the internet?

Years for the Internet: 1969, 1979, 1989, 1993 & 2006 – all in text!


FAMOUS Things To Know:

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 & The Communication Decency Act of 96

VCR & its cultural effects

The Radio Acts – years, provisions, shortcomings, etc.

War of the Worlds & Orson Welles – KNOW EVERYTHING!!

Birth of a Nation


Fireside Chats

The Jazz Singer

60 Minutes

What Happened to the Radio during WWI? TV WW2?

How did the Internet first come about? Details!


I will be sending out the following week 12’s blog post soon after.

Have a great week!


Professor Dunphy

Week 9 – 1165 – November 1st

Hey 1165,

We are truckin’ along… heading into week 9.

The reading was Rodman’s Television chapter…. which we already started Wednesday.

Blog Assignment: Sent last week, check back.

Remember – we are filming Unproductive Season 3 after exam #2. November 15th.

That’s about it….

Oh and have a good Halloween!

Professor Dunphy

Fall 17 – Week 8 10/25 & Week 9 11/1

Hey 1165,

We are moving along, 7 weeks in, 8 more to go. Mixed within there is another exam (11/15), the final exam (sometime in December), and hopefully a guest speaker!

In this post is the work for the next TWO classes – Weeks 8 &  9

For Week 8 – 10/25:

Please read Rodman’s Radio and the Television section. We will go over both. Or as much as we can.

Blog Assignment: None. Take a break. Or get started on week 9’s work.

Quiz: Always possible.

For Week 9 – 11/1:

Read: Make sure Rodman’s TV section is read, you’ve already read it but hey, why not brush up on it.

A secondary reading will follow in the next week, please be prepared for that.

We will discuss TV but also introduce you to:

Unproductive Seasons 1 & 2

Blog due: 11/1 before 12pm

Watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Unproductive – here’s the link:

This is BC’s Television & Radio’s original webseries – written, directed, and edited by students.
Each season clocks in around 60-70 minutes.
Answer the following questions, expand, go wherever you want with it.
— Use any of the texts/readings/discussions in your work. That will impress me.
— Who is your favorite character and why? Who is your least favorite character and why? Would you want to hang out with these people? Why or why not?
— What was your favorite episode and scene? Why?
— What do you think will happen to these characters in the next season? Or in life?
— Seriously, use anything you’ve learned this semester! Impress me. Add whatever else you feel is necessary.
— Maybe think of clever marketing/advertising? Maybe internet? Hashtags? Or something else.
Lastly, in all honesty, every episode has some technical issues — sound, an edit here or an edit there, etc etc. This is what happens in a working environment and a very limited shooting schedule. When writing about the show —
DO NOT COMMENT on these issues. We know the issues.
We’ve tried to fix them but they’re there so leave those critiques OUT OF YOUR POST. I do not care whether you liked it or not, whether there was a sound issue or a cliché here or there. That is not what this is about. I do not want your review of whether the show is good, bad, or great. I want THOSE questions answered and the WHY.
There is no word count for this assignment so write for the grade you want to receive.
Remember, we will be doing a shot on November 15th AFTER the exam. All are required to attend.
However, if you have an issue with being a face in the cheering crowd, email me ASAP:
Attendance will be taken.
And! If you would like to take part in season 3, winter 2018, shoot me an email!
OK! That’s it. Enjoy the scary nice weather.
Professor Dunphy


1165 Fall 2017 10/18

Hello Students,

Hope you enjoyed the lecture and info! And of course, learning stuff and having fun and in the course.

Our work for this upcoming Wednesday 10/18:

Please have chapters 7 & 8 from Rodman’s book. We will be discussing them.

We will go over Pump up the Volume in the beginning of class.

After that your blog assignment is due, click link:

Radiohead’s OK Computer.

Remember Gattaca was released around the same time. So if you want to work it in. Go for it.

Extra Credit: OKNOTOK Computer, 20th anniversary. Old B-sides and new tracks released.

Extend your blog to include this or create a new one. Once again, you have to earn the extra credit, not just receive it. If you do do this – let us know in the blog title.

More Extra Credit:

I mentioned about a dozen or so films, and most can be watched for extra credit. The minimum amount of words is 1,000 to even be considered extra credit.

Some of the movies: Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, Bound, 12 Monkeys (film, not TV show), Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Clerks, Blade Runner, Blade Runner: 2049, Snowpiercer, Birth of a Nation, Chinatown, Double Indemnity, Sunset Blvd… ok that’s enough.

Remember – all extra credit is due before week 13.

OK! I’m pretty sure you didn’t make it this far, so you won’t be prepared for a quiz on the recordings.

Have a good week! Sunday is going to be 80 because that’s normal.


Professor Dunphy


Fall 2017 – 1165 – Week 6 Part 2


Hey All,

Your first exam is done. You will get your exam at the end of next class.

The TA should send you the two films by 5pm today. If not, shoot them an email or be a little patient. They are students too!

Your TA should respond to your blogs (not all) by the end of the week – if they haven’t responded by Sunday, please email me at

If you are having any issues/problems with the class – you can always schedule an appointment with me. If it is basic questions/issues, that’s what the TA is there for!

For next week, class 6:

Read Rodman’s Film chapter.

Plus these two articles about the website, Rotten Tomatoes:

Your Blog Assignment is as follows:


Work Count – 1500+ words. Take the notes of your TA, and use them to guide you on your work.

First and foremost!! Hope you liked the movie! The future. Amiright? How depressing. Or not.

For the film GATTACA (1997) a personal favorite, directed by Andrew Niccol:

Did you like it, why or why not. Which characters did you like? Why? Always think of why.

Important note – know the character names, and info. It’s not Ethan Hawke, it’s Vincent. Etc.

This movie was made 20 years ago — does it hold up? If released today, would this movie work? Be successful? Give me reasons. Anything else you want to add? Go for it! Use Rodman’s text or anything else so far in the semester if you want.

I will give you a wide berth here so discuss the film how you want.

The only unacceptable answer is: I don’t like/watch these kind of movies.

I don’t like romantic comedies yet I saw Sleepless in Seattle. And it’s so good.

Second Film is Pump Up the Volume.

Compare the two films. Are they comparable?

React, review, use Rodman’s Chapter 2 for this film.

There are several theories in chapter 2, see if you can get them or maybe even surprise me on some! This is required. 

But also a review and give some reactions… be honest… if you loved it — try to figure out why. If you hated it — why.

What do you think happens after the movie ends?

Both films will be sent in MP4 format, so you can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, etc. PUTV is about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Looking forward to lecturing on BOTH films next week.

Congrats on finishing your first exam!

See ya’ll next Wednesday.

Professor Dunphy