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1165 Spring 18 – Class 4 & Class 5-Exam

Hi 1165,

This is the work for class 4 and the information for class 5’s exam at the bottom.

Class 4:

Readings: Rodman’s Newspapers and Magazines.

The Blog Assignment:

Blog Post due by 3:30pm Thursday

Today’s World, Post-Truth, Fake News, and the Current Media Environment

Here is the link for the video we started in class. Please finish it.

Read the following two long form magazine articles and the newspaper article:

*Yes, I love The Atlantic*


Answer the following questions:

— What is fake news? If you don’t know, go look it up.

– What is your immediate reaction to these articles? What stood out to you?

– Do you agree/disagree with “America losing its mind?”

– Do you think the term “fake news” is accurate? Why or why not. What word would you use in its place?

– Should Facebook or other sites be held to a journalistic standard? What standard do you think that should be? Should people be held to a standard?

Discuss what is going on with Facebook in the WIRED article.

– Should truth be up for debate?

– Use Rodman’s Chapter 2: Media Impact, as well!

– And anything else you want to add here… go for it.

Word Count: 500-1500 (or more) words.

As a helpful hint: Participation in the class helps your grade. I’d like to see more of you contributing to the discussions.

Class 5 – March 1st – EXAM #1 of 3

Your exam will be on Thursday, March 1st.

Subject: The first 5 chapters of Rodman’s book. Anything and everything is fair game.

Exam Type: The exam is a scantron so a #2 pencil is needed.

50-60 questions, 1 hour timed exam. True/False and Multiple Choice questions.

NO ESSAYS or fill ins.

After the exam there is a mandatory screening.

Thank you and have a good week.

Professor Dunphy


Spring 18 – Class 3 – 2/15

Hello 1165,

Two classes down! Only 12 more to go! Hope you’re enjoying the work…

Few things before the weekly post:

Last time but if you have not heard from your TA, check your other emails/spam, etc. If still nothing, contact me ASAP.

Remember, all posts are due before 3:30pm Thursday.

Your TAs have a few weeks to respond to your blogs – be patient and keep working.

For those who were late, please make it on time as you miss quite a bit in the beginning of class.

Readings for Class 3:

Rodman’s Chapters 3 & 4. We will finish chapter 2 as well.

First exam is coming up — it will be on chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 50 questions… true and false, multiple choice. #2 pencil is required. All the work is from Rodman’s book.

2nd Blog Assignment:

Please read all of the assignment below…

Read the following article and watch the video/article

What to Write About?

What are your thoughts on banned books? Do you believe books should be banned in elementary, JHS, High School or college?

Have you read any of these books? Thinking back – do you understand why they were challenged?

There are some obvious question here — should a book with offensive language or racial slurs be read in school? Who should get to decide what books are allowed/banned?

Look at the challenge by reason chart – what do you think? Are these valid?

Why do you think parents want books banned? Can you put yourself in a parent’s shoes and understand why they would want to ban books?

What are your thoughts on censorship?

Don’t just limit your blog to the questions above, explore the work. Don’t just agree, say yes or no… give me the WHY.

Now watch this video: Fair warning about language, and possible offensive material.

No prompts here just go with what you want.

Total Word Count: 750-1000 words

Have a great rest of your week.

Professor Dunphy

1165 S18 – 2/8 Class & Blog Work

Hello Again,

I hope you enjoyed class 1, only 13 more to go! You should have received an email from your TA, if not first check your spam, other email addresses, etc. If for some reason you still haven’t – email me at

For the classwork:

Please have Rodman’s book – chapters 1 and 2 read and ready to be discussed.

For your first blog assignment:

This goes on your newly created wordpress blog.

Due by Thursday’s class before 3:30pm. 

Read this article by Peter Beinart, it ain’t short:

This one by Andrew Sullivan:

Watch this video:

Using the above articles and above video, answer all the following questions:

Do you agree/disagree with what these men are saying? Why or why not.

Do any of them make an argument you didn’t think about beforehand?

What is your stance on marches and rallies? Should hate groups such as the KKK (and others) be allowed to march?

In Beinart’s article, he discusses the violent left, what do you think about the piece? Does Beinart make a solid comparison or a false equivalency? Is the violent left the same as the right? Is he helping or hurting the left or the right? Use samples from his work to help you along.

In Sullivan’s article, he takes a different approach to the march in Boston, do you understand his POV, do you agree? Why or why not.

What did you think of Bill Maher’s interview with Frank Bruni? Anything stand out to you?

Also, consider doing some research on the three men, see what their backgrounds are, history, etc. May help you along.

Anything you want to add? Go for it!

Word Count: Minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1000 words. Of course, you can go further but don’t burn yourself out.

We will discuss this during class 2.

Remember this is posted to your blog BEFORE 3:30pm on Thursday.


Professor Dunphy

1165 Spring 18

Hello Thursday’s 1165,

Below are the two documents for the class. Please look at them.

Spring 18 MM Blog Assignment

Spring 18 MM Thursday Syllabus

Your TA will be emailing you within the next day or so. If you haven’t heard from them by Sunday, please email me at:

I will be posting your first assignment sometime tomorrow AM.

Best of luck this semester!
Professor Dunphy

Last Blog Post for F17

Hello 1165,

This is the last post for your Fall 2017 class.

I sent in the grades last night, was generous (as always) but I took into account all I could to get you the best grade possible. Some were easy, others were not. Some students recovered in the final exam and blog grade that they’re grade shot up. Others did poorly throughout.

I am not sure when you’re able to see the grades but I sent them in. Please be patient.

Rodwell has your exam grade if you want it — email him for it.

All he has is the number based on a multiple of 4… so if you got a 20, that means you received an 80 on the exam. Oh, and that includes me giving you hints plus a decent curve. Though once again, some of you still got in the 20s and 30s….

If you believe you received the final grade in error, email me. I won’t respond till after the new year but you can always ask. However, as I have said before, I am usually pretty forgiving and nice… but when challenged, not as much.

Last but not least — you’re more than welcomed to stay subscribed to this blog and get some good info in the spring 2018 semester. If you do not want to belong anymore, you have to unsubscribe yourself. I believe it is at the bottom of the page.

That’s about it!

Was a pleasure, good luck with the spring and beyond… and enjoy the holiday break!


Professor Dunphy

1165 Blog Assignments

Hello 1165,

I will see you tomorrow at 1:00pm for your final exam. Hopefully, you’ve been studying and are prepared.

I finished all the blogs and everyone (unless I missed you?) should have received comments via email or on the blog itself.

Your TA will be sending you an email with your blog score and all the information you need to know.

As I always do with this assignment, at the bottom of this post are a bunch of blogs that were well done and worthy of showing off. While FAR from perfect, please look at them BEFORE you question your grade.

You will easily see why you received what you did after reading them. Just because you’re not on this list doesn’t mean you didn’t do well… I can’t put up every single one.

If you have an issue with your blog grade, email me but please be cautious on questioning the grade and have your argument on solid ground.

Thank you and have a good day.

Professor Dunphy

Solid Blogs:



1165 Final exam Fall 2017

Hello 1165,

I am just sending you the information on the final exam, again.

Wednesday, December 20th from 1:00-3:00pm

Room: Our room, whatever room # it is. You know the room.

Rodman Chapters: 11, 14 & 15

100 questions – multiple choice & matching. #2 pencil, etc etc.



Second piece of advice:

There is overlap with questions… so if you know what X is… you will be able to answer several questions. However, if you don’t know what X is, you will have issues answer the other questions.

Last piece of advice:

Study. Like… really study.

Best of luck.

Professor Dunphy